NAB takes notice of 4 bln corruption in Housing Scheme

F.P. Report

Islamabad: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has sought victim’s inquiry report from circle registrar Rawalpindi regarding Rs 4b corruption in Airport Cooperative Housing Society.

According to documents, on Nov 30 last year NAB Rawalpindi written a letter wide no : 2857/17/comp/nab/rwp/11628 to registrar and inquired about the allotment of plots to victims of said society. Letter reads that Housing Society promised to allot plots to the victims, but after many year promises not fulfilled. Society had sold these plots to someone else. Victims had submitted several applications to Society Registrar and Police department, but unable to get justice.

After issuance of letter from NAB, Society with the connivance of Registrar gave letters from another society, in which a new promise of giving plot was made, but still not fulfilled.

According to documentary proof, victims also gave applications to CPO Rawalpindi for justice, but in vain.

CPO had deliberately given favor to Housing Society. Sources informed to this scribe that criminal record of Society Head also given to CPO, but no action taken until now.