Nabizada from Herat gets highest female score

KABUL (TOLOnews): Ilham Nabizada, a female student of Hatifi High School, took the highest score among female students in the 1401 (solar-year) university entrance.
Ilham, 19, scored 348.6 —which is only 7 less than the top score of this year’s examination. “This is a big success, not only for me but for all the girls that are studying at the current difficult time,” she said.
Ilhas has succeeded in gaining admission to the faculty of therapeutic medicine of Herat University.
“We passed our examinations this year. Next year, God knows if there will be a school or not, or university entrance,” she said.
Islham said that her family has remained supportive of her education.
“There was not a night that she wouldn’t study until 1:00 am. She had her book and pen every second,” said Maliha, Ilham’s mother. Momina, a female student from northern Balkh province, scored second among female participants in the university entrance examination.
Momina graduated from Abid Balkhi High School in the Dehdadi district of Bakh province.
“I have been able to walk this path with God’s help and the prayers of my friends,” she said.
“The situation was difficult for girls to study. Two of my daughters have succeeded and, insh Allah, they will complete this field,” said Mohammad Arif, father of Momina.
There were no female students among the top ten students of this year’s university entrance examination. However, over the past two years, female students were top scorers in the examination.