Naghlu Dam’s fourth turbine becomes operational

KABUL (TOLO News): The country’s power utility company, De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), reactivated the fourth turbine of the Naghlu Dam in the east of Kabul after twelve years, adding 25 megawatts of power for Kabul and its neighboring provinces.

DABS said in a statement that the reactivation took over two months for its employees.

“Over 10,000 customers will get electricity by this turbine,” DABS chief Amanullah Ghalib said. “We will work on other projects of a similar nature as well.”

The company also inaugurated a substation in Sarobi district, Kabul. Work on the substation began in 2017 and $32.5 million was invested in it.

At an opening ceremony, acting Finance Minister Mohammad Homayoun Qayoumi said the reconstruction of the fourth turbine was done by DABS with a low cost.

“It is something to be proud of–that this big project was implemented by Breshna company employees–and we hope that Sarobi will witness more development projects,” he said.

The Naghlu Dam is located 70 kilometers east of Kabul city and is fed by the Kabul and Logar rivers. A small part of it is fed by water from the Salang and Panjshir rivers.

The dam was built in 1967 and is 1,155 meters high and produces 100 megawatts of power in total.

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