‘Namaste London’ sequel: Akshay Kumar out, Arjun Kapoor in

NEW DELI (Web Desk): The 2007-hit ‘Namaste London’ is set for a sequel, but this film will differ vastly from its predecessor. The massive success of the movie compelled director Vipul Shah to initiate the project ‘Namaste England’.

The sequel will have a new cast, with veteran actor Akshay Kumar replaced by newcomer Arjun Kapoor; not only that the leading lady will be new as well, replacing then newcomer Katrina Kaif.

The juiciest lead on the sequel is that it will continue with the theme based on the lives of expats, while keeping its Punjabi-Brit streak alive. Most of the film will be shot in Punjab and London.

Arjun Kapoor was excited to be a part of the sequel, being a hardcore fan of the first film.

Reportedly, Kapoor from his side tried to make sure first that Akshay had no reservations with him being the veteran actor’s replacement. Fortunately for the newcomer, Akshay and Vipul both mutually agreed to the decision to include Arjun as the lead.

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