Nation celebrates ‘Air Force Day’ with national zeal

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KARACHI: Air Force Day is being observed with national zeal today (Monday) to commemorate the dexterity and valour of the defenders of air space of the country against Indian aggression in September 1965 war.

In the 1965 war, the valiant Pakistani pilots despite limited resources not only annihilated Indian air aggression but also inflicted a humiliating defeat on India through unprecedented skill in the warfare and insurmountable courage.

A floral wreath was laid at the grave of martyred pilot Rashid Minhas, Nishan-e-Haider. Air Vice-Marshal Abbas Ghuman paid tribute to the martyr, while guard of honour was also given.

Paying tribute to Rashid Minhas (NH) the air vice-marshal said that Pakistan Air Force is the custodian of the country’s aerial boundaries and ready to face any challenge posed to the nation.

Who could forget the history maker Squadron Leader M.M. Alam made!

On September 7, he shot down five Indian Hawker Hunter fighters in the air-to-air fight, in less than 60 seconds while the first four came down within 30 seconds. Earlier on September 6, he shot down two Indian aircraft and damaged three others.

In all, Alam who shot nine Indian Hunters and damaged two in air combats during the 1965 war. His bag of five planes in one bout over Sargodha is a world record. For this bravery, M.M. Alam was awarded Sitara-i-Jurat.

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