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Nation not to accept rulership of thieves: Imran

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said Saturday that the nation wanted the country to be saved from the thieves. Imran Khan addressed a huge public gathering at Islamabad’s Parade Ground on Saturday. He said, “The nation is giving a message to the institutions to save Pakistan from these thieves.”

Imran Khan congratulated PTI Islamabad and Rawalpindi chapters for organising a successful public gathering at Parade Ground today. The PTI chairman said that he has never seen such a big crowd in the twin cities.

He recalled that he had decided to postpone Islamabad’s long march on May 25 as the nationals were outraged over the police baton charge and teargassing. Khan said that he was afraid of clashes between police and the nationals in Islamabad and he did not want anarchy in the country.

“My sole motive is ousting this imported government. An elected government was toppled by Mir Jafers and a US conspiracy and later notorious dacoits were imposed as the rulers of the country.” “I want to show the sentiments of the nation before all national institutions. I am not here to start a war against the national institutions. I know very well that this imported government want us to stand against the institutions and the judiciary.”

Khan said that he has to live in Pakistan till his last breath but the present rulers have no interest in the country. “Sharifs have always fled from the country whenever their rulership ended up. He [Nawaz Sharif] fled Saudi Arabia during Pervez Musharraf’s era and then he came back to loot the country. These rulers are once again getting NRO-II now.”

He said that the currency devaluation increased the assets of the ‘imported rulers’ as they have assets abroad. The PTI chief censured that Asif Ali Zardari travelled to Dubai 50 times and Nawaz Sharif 22 times to London at the state expenditures.

He said that he had decided not to stage a sit-in in Islamabad as they have to stay in Pakistan till the last breath. “Police force was involved in violence but I know that our police force is not violent. I know that the law and order situation of Islamabad will have deteriorated if he had chosen to stage a sit-in after the long march.”

“Today, the whole nation comes out of their homes to give a message to the institutions that Pakistan must be protected from these thieves.” Imran Khan said that there was no meaning of independence if the country accepts the slavery of the United States. The nation will never accept the rulership of the thieves and dacoits at any cost.

He questioned institutions whether he is the only person who wants to make Pakistan corruption-free. “Give me a single example of a country where a person becomes prime minister despite facing corruption cases. The current rulers have paralysed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) through amendments in the NAB law.”

He said that the judiciary was also responsible for eliminating corruption. Imran Khan said that everyone will be held accountable before Allah Almighty for their wrong deeds. The neutrals will also be questioned for letting the thieves rule the nation. Imran Khan once again condemned the attack on journalist Ayaz Amir and the registration of cases against other journalists including Arshad Sharif, Imran Riaz Khan, Sabir Shakir and Sami Ibrahim for raising the nation’s voices.

The PTI chief slammed the present government for destroying the national economy despite the PTI government achieved economic growth after 17 years. He added that the PTI government was also dealing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but it did not increase the inflation rate. Imran Khan said that the nation will never accept the corrupt rulers and continued its struggle against them.

PTI leader Pervez Khattak, meanwhile, said the current inflation in the country was the proving to be the “destruction” of the public. He questioned why important decisions were going in the government’s favour and warned that “no one will be safe if any injustice happens with Imran.”

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