Nation to take notice if removed from party presidency, warns Sharif

F.P. Report

JARANWALA: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PMLN) president Nawaz Sharif has on Friday warned that masses would take notice if he is removed from party’s presidency.

He was addressing a rally in Jaranwala.

While taking a jibe at PAT-led joint opposition’s rally on Lahore’s Mall road, Sharif urged supporters to ask those chanting slogans of Naya Pakistan what they have given to people and country. “I was ousted over not receiving a fictional salary from my son”, Sharif taunted and lauded large number of attendants in the rally.

“Same passion will serve as a base for referendum in 2018 polls”, added Sharif. “Pakistan was on the path of rapid progress in 1999 when Musharraf declared martial law and obliterated uplift process. He who made Pakistan an atomic power was exiled”, stated ousted Sharif

While apprising attendants about sorry state of affairs in country back then in 2007, Sharif stated that PMLN-led federal government has flushed menace of terrorism, curbed unemployment and put country on path of progress again.

Linking current political upheaval to his ouster, Sharif claimed chaos is once again returning to Pakistan. “Drone attacks were halted during my tenure. They [drone attacks] have begun once again”, said Sharif.

Sharif made it vehemently clear that verdict of masses would be the conclusive one. Sharif urged stalwarts to lend support for his justice-restoration movement. “I would request Shehbaz Sharif to make Jaranwala a district. He (Shehbaz Sharif) has thoroughly changed Punjab by working day and night at a stretch”, asserted PMLN’s president.

Sharif overtly stated that he would not allow holiness of vote to be tampered [by opponents].

Maryam Nawaz—while addressing a rally in Jaranwala— extended her verbal onslaught against judiciary while asking attendants whether they want such Pakistan where an elected prime minister is ousted on basis of Iqama.

“Do you want such Pakistan where punishment is given even before hearing of cases”, Maryam asked attendants while stating at the same time, “Nawaz Sharif has given accountability of three generations”.

Keeping verbal onslaught up, she asked people whether they want such Pakistan where punishment is given on contempt of court but no penalty is awarded to those who are found guilty of contempt of vote.

Maryam urged people to topple the plotters while stressing on joining the ranks of PMLN in justice-restoration movement. She extolled Jaranwala and Faisalabad for always remaining loyal to Nawaz Sharif and strengthening PMLN. Maryam said Jaranwala has gifted Talal-like lion to party.

While obliquely lambasting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, Maryam said that Khan was acquitted despite confessions. She termed Khan blue eyed boy of the courts.