National interest versus party politics

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The Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) challenged the Election Amendment Act-2022 in the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday. The party has prayed to the court to declare the Act unconstitutional and mentioned the federal government, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), and the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) as respondents to the case. According to details, the PTI urged the court to order appropriate steps to give the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis since denying them the right was a violation of basic human rights, and order the ECP and NADRA to enforce the system of E-voting in the next General election in the country. The PTI leadership was of the view that the Election Amendment Act-2021 already existed, and it was illegal to replace it with another one.

A political disagreement and confrontation is going on between the ruling coalition government and the PTI-led opposition over the past two and a half months, while similar situations existed throughout the tenure of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf. Both government and opposition are doing politics in the name of legislation and no party acted responsibly while being in the government. Both parties promoted their political agendas through the process of legislation and no one ever attempted to forge a national consensus on highly important and delicate constitutional issues in the greater interest of the country. The incumbent government repeated the PTI’s mistake and did not consult the opposition while introducing changes in the electoral laws, apparently, the government overrode most of the legislation passed by the PTI government about a year ago. In fact, the parties have contradictory views on the issues of E-voting and overseas Pakistanis’ right to vote while the NAB ordinance is another source of contention between them.

Previously, the PTI tried to block the proposed legislation by using Presidency however the bill went through the joint session successfully under Article 75 (2) despite resistance from the head of the state. The public is annoyed by such type of politics, during which both groups have put the national prestige and public interest at risk and started wrestling in the country. In fact, both groups should sit together and work for the betterment of the people instead of serving personal interests.

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