National security formulation

Ghulam Idris Khan

Chaudhry Ahsan Iqbal, federal minister for interior, who is loaded with the work of planning and development division and has also replaced under-allegation of corruption finance minister Ishaq Dar in national finance commission as member, said that the road map to formulate the national internal security is shaping up. The goal is peace, stability and development, he said.
The attack on Army Public school in Peshawar (APS) on the 16 December 2014 was enough much to declared war against extremism and militancy. Before that both government of Nawaz Sharif at the capital and PTI government at Peshawar were in favour of dialogue with militant and playing committee, committee with them. Both Imran Khan and the interior minister Ch Nisar ali Khan were spearheading the campaign for this goal. All-Parties Conference was held and National Action Plan (NAP) to counter extremism and terrorism was announced. A twenty points agenda was agreed upon to whip out terrorist outfit across the country, to integrate security efforts of the provincial and federal governments by engaging all stakeholders. National security advisor was inducted to the cabinet, now recently the reasonability has been shifted to the interior minister of PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi cabinet.
National Security is defined as securing common man and the issue like human resource development, food security, energy requirement; effects of climate change may also be covered while finalizing it. Aim is to be created peaceful environment for investment by local and foreigners. The foreign policy is to be revamped according the need of time. Relations with regional and neighborly countries be priority at the top of policy makers. Good relations with neighbors guarantees peace and avoid conflict. National internal security policy’s major focuses be on Afghanistan conflict and need solution immediately. Policy be focused to bring peace in Afghanistan. The thesis that Afghanistan is our fifth province be buried once for all. This policy has already been exposed.
The handling with the Afghan affairs be purely tasked of foreign office of Pakistan, where seasonal diplomat having the art and skills can interact with care and thought. Other stakeholders may assist them in shape of input. Leading role be played Pakistani diplomat sitting in Islamabad. By adopting such ways and means, peace will come to Pakistan and the entire region.
Relation with USSR be strengthen in the changing scenario; aid be minimized phase-wise with USA. Conducive environment be created for peaceful talk with India. The world will believes and recognized our narrative to fight against terrorists. Today Pakistan’s narrative is not saleable in international market. Only then, will world realize the Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against militants.
Today the international community is annoyed with Pakistan and again and again repeated concerned about alleged presence of state and non state actors on the Pakistan soil. Pakistan explained to world but confusions on our narrative still persist.
The policy should also address the root causes. Parliament may also play its due role. Both the foreign affairs committee of National Assembly and senate come forward, provide inputs to the foreign office for shaping up the national internal security policy .The parliament can provide oversight on the formulation of policy, and continue the role of watchdog of the policy at implementation stages. The formulation of policy be not left alone to interior ministry or security agencies. Reputable think tank working on conflicts and peace be asked to contribute their research and experiences with the government.
The working of banned militant group who work on some other names or even allowed to take part in elections and politics be carefully watched. No policy of good and bad be followed. No near or dear in militant group for government.
The in charge of the policy be a parliamentarian of excellent repute and committee man, not the one who tears were fallen on the ground when he talking about the killing of Baitullah Mehsud in drone attack in Waziristan and enjoying meeting in his office with the banned outfit nor be such who offers office space for militants in Peshawar in government building. These bottles necks and militants groups create opportunity of pain and stress for our diplomatic core posted in missions aboard and even in Islamabad. This is a major source of confusion and in narrative which are not saleable in international community.
Food security and climate change are linked with each other. With food scarcity, peace is not possible, for production of food grain, water availability is the principal tool. Pakistan’s requirement is 138 million acres feet and among most water stressed countries. Pakistan is dependent on single river system. Shortage be further increased in coming days. There is no chance to add additional water in the system .Pakistan is having treaty with India since1960, but Indian government constructing small and large dams on it. On the other hand afghan government with assistance of India constructing power project on Kabul river .There is no water sharing agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Due to less water flow in the Indus valuable land at tail of Indus has come under see at Thatta in Sindh .so water scarcity is the real threat to Pakistan economy .which need to be addressed in national internal security policy.
Sufficient time passed now and enough water has passed under the bridge. The government should also review the National action plan (NAP) to see the shortcoming in twenty points and room for improvements. Similar views were disclosed by National coordinator NACTA in interview with the panel of Pak Institute for peace studies (PIPS), a think tank based in Islamabad, as reported in its special report 2017.
Mainstreaming of madrassah students be made part of policy on national security the students be impart with scientific education thereby providing them with equal opportunities for employments but here extra care be taken. As there considerable debate whether they should impart mass education to enable them for job. But the goal be reduce appeal of extremism. The scientific subjects will definitely open them for more job ,it is not guarantee that be students be less radical. Violent attacks in some places in Pakistan and aboard the attackers having degrees in applied sciences like engineering and medicine. Hate speeches in the seminaries be not allowed with full force for all sect. For yielding response scholars from all sect be invited foe deliberation on national security policy and their inputs be accommodated in the policy. Minorities concern be also addressed and their proposal be made part of policy.
The government of the day not made decision on political ground rather on merit. Formulation of National internal policy is linked with the NAP, now it is time to remove all ambiguities regarding banned organization to pave way to national policy and remained to the international community that National security has been revamped so the world trust us as we trust on our diplomatic core.
Pakistanis are peaceful and peace loving peoples of about 210 million population and have contributed in the development of Arab world ,Europe and USA via our hard working peoples.
The chief of army staff while addressing the senate in Parliament house in December last year, asked the parliamentarian to formulate policies on defense and foreign affairs and the army institution will abide by it. Now parliament should take the lead for this task.
The Pakistan government should remind to the world power that cleaning up radicalization mess not is only Pakistan’s responsibility but of the world as whole and United States of America in particular, which cultivated this mess.