National single curriculum

Pakistan will see the start of the Single National Curriculum (SNC) in the next academic year, which is due to begin in August 2021, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training announced on yesterday. The ministry said that the new year would start now in August 2021 due to extension in examination dates to be held in May/June and prolonged school closures in the academic year of 2020.

The Federal Government has achieved a consensus in consultation with provincial governments on Single National Curriculum (SNC) and setting up for its launch starting with the classes pre-1 to grade 5 from next education year. All provincial governments are also told to arrange the publication of textbooks according to policy of unified curriculum. Federal Ministry also bonded the publishers to acquire no-objection certificate (NOC) by the provincial textbook boards to avoid any inclusion of anti-Pakistan, anti-religion, or any other hate material in the textbooks.

The accumulation of private school systems and Madrassa schools are also an important factor in the SNC. The Mudarrass and private schools may have reservations if government reforms hit the interests of the owners and the Ulema. Government must satisfy their reservations and can implement its agenda gradually in parts so their reservation can be addressed.

The efforts of Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood could bring a revolution in the field of Education if the changes can be made with true letter and spirit. The federal ministry must work for up lifting of the teaching standard in the government schools, teachers training and use of technology in the class. The Mudarrass also need similar transformation like government schools. Hopefully, the government will transform the country’s education system through SNC in coming years.