National unity and party politics

During the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the Constituent Assembly, unexpected and unparalleled emotions have been seen among the lawmakers in the House from both rival groups’ treasury and the opposition. Both benches have urged the national leadership to forge unity to cope with current challenges and move forward for a bright future for Pakistan by reviewing past mistakes. According to the media, while debating the current issues, Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that while celebrating 75 years of independence, we should ensure self-accountability to analyze what we had lost and achieved during the period.

While recalling the history of the country he noted that there had been despondency and division over the past 75 years, despite the that people are in love with Pakistan. According to him, Politicians should do politics with the support of the masses and respect the institutions as per Constitution. PPP leader and Minister for Water Resources Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah was of the view that we would have to ensure self-accountability to move forward and the new generation would have to be told about the purpose behind the creation of Pakistan. The PTI MNA Ahmed Hussain Dehar said Pakistan was full of resources and the nation had the ability to remain steadfast against the challenges and tackle them accordingly. According to him, all institutions including Pakistan Army should be respected which had given great sacrifices for the country.

Politicians and politics have no specific rule and code of conduct in Pakistan and both wheel around the discretion and policy of the Party Chief in all matters. The Diamond Jubilee celebrations have put a positive impact on Politicians and they vowed to set aside their political differences for the greater interest of the country. In fact, toeing a separate agenda from other competing groups is the professional compulsion of all leaders, religious clerics, scholars, and political pandits, however, such mean tactics must not hurt the national interest for temporary gains or personal conceit of political leaders.

Although, numerous politicians had expressed positive sentiment regarding national unity and cohesion, however, if this privileged elite started elevating national interest from political benefit, Pakistan can excel in months instead of years.