Ali Sher Yousafzai

The Holly village Biroch is situated at a distance of 14 kilometers towards North from Sudhum Rustam at the foot of historical and Holly Mountain Sukkra where Buddhists stayed for a long. It is surrounded by high peaked mountains.

It has only one out let. Biroch has very rich history, it was considered a holly village from the era of Aryan to Hindu Ramal. Hindu Ramal had many sacred places where they offered water, fruits, flowers and incense to their Gods and Goddess. A historic battle was fought here between Mehmood Ghaznavi. Hindu Ramal’s worship places and sacred sites were destroyed by Mehmood Ghaznavi, the bodies of their Gods and Goddess were rocked. In 18th century Bobu Khel tribe came to the village from Spinkay for hunting and occupied the village afterward. They tyrannically ruled the village till 1992.

In the mid of 1992 a battle erupted between Ahoon Khel and Babu Khel over communal property and lasted for a decade. Both tribes suffered with a human and material lose. Finally the battle won by Ahoon Khel tribe, they snatched their ancestral property and occupied communal land. Alkhaj Hazrat Nabi Aasim (late) the poet and orator brought the two tribes on one page and thus the battle ended. Presently Ahoon Khel tribe is living in the village and Babu Khel in the backers.

Village’s lush valley, brims with meadows, lush-green vegetation, stunning sights, forests, lakes, and the ever gurgling and shimmering water, singing waterfalls and caves, grab local tourists and travelers’ attention. The scenic waterfall of “Rawdand” means (runaway water) has a charm that is un-paralleled. It is gushing in full flow almost all through the year. At the base of waterfall there is also a plunge pool in which the villagers are bathing, swimming and enjoying the singing and dancing of waterfalls especially in summer.

At the starting point of the waterfall there is a natural well from where the water bursts is known as “Navidand” in the local and native language. Navi mean bride and dand mean pond. Local elders are of the view that a newly married couple was drowned in that well while they were on their way to home from borderly attached village Sir Banda.

Close to the waterfall there is big cave in which the villagers especially the elders taking nap in summer and the Holy month of Ramadan. Beside this there are other caves in the hilly terrain of “Khanako” and “Zaga Dheri”. Archeologist believe that humans have been living in these caves from forty five thousand years.

In the mid of the village there is a pond of Turkish era considered the pond of Rani. In the pond there is ancient time fish present which is imagined forbidden to catch. The village is comprised of roughly 200 households with a few hamlets situated in the nearby areas.

Socio-economic aspects of the village are very low. Some of the inhabitants are farmers, some depend on local remittances, and few of them are living in abroad and earn their bread and butter. The village lack basic services like basic health unit, police post, mass education, proper cell phone coverage, and internet access. People living over there need development in the mentioned areas in order to make it more pleasant and comfortable to live.

Health services in the village is poor, The village has a few spiritual and faith healers, traditional healers (quacks) like Pirs, Hakeem, bonesetters, village birth attendants and nothing else. These healers are classified as quacks and having no formal medical qualifications but portray themselves as formal health care providers. Government has tried to provide the health services to the community through various programs, but, inequalities and disparities in service provision still remains and health is not accessible to many villagers from lower socioeconomic strata.

Thus, poor people are more prone to develop many illnesses including infectious diseases. The overall situation in the village is quite stressful and it can make local inhabitants more vulnerable to depression and chronic diseases. These issues pose threats to the survival of helpless people. However, through proper will and determination, the District administration along with the newly established Provincial government can address these issues.


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