Neglected Hub

MANY patients pass away across the country on daily basis owing to the incaution/negligence of incompetent and inexperienced doctors. It is quite common in our country that clinics are run by unskilled and even uneducated people those who don’t have any medical background or degree. It is irrefutable fact that Pakistan legs too backward in terms of health facilities while having numerous non qualified doctors and less facilitated hospitals, particularly, in far flung localities.

Additionally, there are incompetent and unskilled doctors either operating their own clinics or working in private hospitals.

Similarly, Hub lacks health facilities despite being one of the largest industrial zones in Balochistan. There is only civil hospital which doesn’t have basic facilities and its emergency ward is good for nothing , serious patients are usually referred to Karachi because of non-availability of required treatment and medication. As a result, critical patients often die on the way due to the distance between two cities.

However, private hospitals charge hefty amount and give unsatisfactory result. They prescribe unnecessary medicines to patients in order to earn some money from both patients and the respective medicine companies as per their agreement. Patients are dealt as customers. It is sheer injustice with downtrodden masses and a shameful act to such a noble profession.

It is to bring to the notice of incumbent government and stakeholders to resolve the matter and devise a mechanism so that the safety of commoners is ensured.

Imran Umer


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