Negligence of doctor at LRH takes life of innocent baby

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: Due to the negligence of doctors in the biggest hospital of the province Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar a baby died during operation as the doctor cut the baby’s neck, the family allegedly said.

Raheem, resident of Urmur Peshawar and father of the baby talking to media said that he brought her wife to LRH for the delivery of the baby where the doctors suggested cesarean operation of the patient.

He further said that his wife was admitted in Gynae Ward of LRH and when on Tuesday the doctors operated his wife they doctors cut the neck of the baby during the operation which caused the death of the baby.

“Why the doctors were playing with the lives of innocent babies as this was not the first incident in LRH as many incidents had occured in the past but no action was taken by the administration against any doctors,” Raheed said.

He further added that the provincial government and Imran Khan claimed that they would bring change in KP hospitals but there was no change rather the conditions and facilities were much poor than that were available in the previous government.

Later the aggrieved family block road for all sort of traffic due to which people faced difficulties and waited for hours due to blockade. Hospital Director Professor Dr Mukhtiar Zaman while talking to media said that when the patient reached LRH, the family was informed about the complications of the surgery as it was a premature birth. “The doctors had already informed the family and signature was also taken from the parents regarding the sensitivity of the operation,” Dr Mukhtiar Zaman said while adding that the baby had died before the birth. He further said that the doctors decided to operate to save the life of the mother.

Mukhtiar Zaman said that the doctors first priority is to save life and Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar providing best healthcare facility not only to the people of KP but as well as to afghan citizen.