Neitizens criticize Sumbal Iqbal for wearing bold attire

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Television actress Sumbal Iqbal Khan might have spent many hours and bucks to get a black-and-gold hot dress ready but the unofficial social media army laid their focus on it and target the actress with their sharp comments and teasing advices.

Celebrities receive critique for their lifestyle choices, especially females who face major backlash due to their wardrobe choices.

This time around, Sumbal Iqbal is at the receiving end of moral policing over her questionable fashion selection.

The 31-year-old actress who has revamped her public image with her bold classic style statement has come under fire over the bold black and gold sari she wore in her recent social media post.

Turning to her Instagram handle, the Dulhan actress posted a series of stunning pictures of herself all dressed to perfection in the gorgeous saree.

The keyboard guards did not hesitate to assail Sumbal for wearing such a revealing saree and slammed her fashion sense.