Neo-Nazis behind bomb threats in Germany: Report

BERLIN (AA): German authorities are investigating suspected new Neo-nazi groups after more than 100 bomb and death threats were sent to lawyers, politicians and institutions in recent weeks, local media reported on Thursday.

Daily Suddeutsche Zeitung said prosecutors concluded that there was a connection between various threatening emails recently sent to prominent public figures and institutions in different cities across Germany.

The emails, all of which used similar wording, were signed off with “Wehrmacht”, “National Socialist Offensive,” or the “NSU 2.0”,  with a reference to the terrorist group National Socialist Underground (NSU).

The shadowy NSU group killed 10 people, including eight Turkish and one Greek immigrant as well as a police officer between 2000 and 2007, but the murders have remained unresolved.

Turkish-German lawmaker Seda Basay-Yildiz, who represented the families of victims, received various death threats in recent months signed off with the NSU 2.0.

In December, five police officers in Frankfurt were suspended on suspicion they took personal information of Basay-Yildiz from police records and shared them with the far-right extremists.