Netizens blast Indian singer for copying Tahir Shah’s ‘Eye-to-Eye’

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Jubin Nautiyal, an Indian singer, who is often called out for copying Pakistani songs, is once again faced with allegations of replication from Pakistan.

The singer has recently released a new song “Mast Ankhain” that compels the audience to think it is quite similar to Tahir Shah’s Eye-to Eye.

It becomes clear after watching the video of the song that its musical notes and the appearance of the singer strikingly resemble those of Tahir Shah’s creation.

Moreover, Indian music composer and producer Mayur Jumani also took a jibe at Jubin Nautiyal by posting a video of himself on social media, asking netizens whether he is the only one who thinks that the song was inspired by Tahir Shah’s Eye-to-Eye.

During the video, he drew the comparison between the both songs in most hilarious ways that left the netizens unable to control their laugh.

People are flooding the comment section with hilarious comments: “Funnily enough Nautiyal.”

As the Indian song ‘Mast Ankhain’ is released by T-Series, one of the social media users wrote in a comment section: “T-series is actually Tahir Shah series.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Tahir Shah is a famous Pakistani singer who got a huge fame after releasing his first song Eye-to-Eye in 2013. He himself wrote the lyrics of song that took almost two years.