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New cabinet appointments priority, says Palace

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KABUL: The Presidential Palace said that the appointment of the new cabinet is a priority for the government and that names will be sent to the parliament for approval in the near future–a cabinet that has been apportioned between the two political leaders President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah.

On Sunday, President Ghani appointed Ahmad Jawed Osmani as the acting minister of public health, replacing FerozuddinFeroz, who served in the post for five years.

“One of the priorities of the Afghan government is to send nominees for cabinet posts for approval to Afghanistan’s parliament. There has been some progress in this respect,” presidential spokesman SediqSediqqi said.

Abdullah’s aides said filling their allotted positions in independent directorates has not been finalized, and critics said this should not take up an undue amount of time, considering the other priorities facing the government including the fight against COVID-19 and the peace efforts.

“Politicians have been asked to bring their lists of those eligible for the cabinet, and, of course, those who are eligible will find their way to the cabinet. But the discussion is still underway on some topics–on independent directorates and some other institutions,” Abdullah’s aide Fazl said. “The inclusive government’s cabinet should be introduced as soon as possible and it should encompass all political parties and movements,” said Massoud, a former presidential adviser. The political rift between President Ghani and Abdullah continued for more than two months but they signed a political agreement last month to break the political stalemate and form an inclusive government. Abdullah started his work in the office as the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation on Saturday, May 30.(TOLOnews)

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