New governors introduced for Takhar and Panjshir

KABUL (BNA) During a function in both provinces attended by other the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan senior officials’ new governors introduced for Panjshir and Takhar provinces and started their missions Monday, according to officials.
A function held on the occasion several military and civil government officials including formers governors of the provinces in their provinces were attended.
The ex-governor of Panjshir congratulated the new appointed governor, called for the support of each other, said we must help each other in good deeds.
Afterward, Mawlawi Zia-ul-Rahman Madani, the new appointed governor of Takhar, said that the leaders of the previous regime were humiliated because of their betrayal of the ideals of the martyrs and drowning in selfish desires, and the officials of the Islamic Emirate should learn from their bad actions and wage Jihad against the illegitimate desires of self and property.
In these circles, the high-ranking officials of the Islamic Emirate talked in detail about the new appointed governors and transfer, problems and challenges of Panjshir and Takhar provinces. It should be said that the new governors of Panjshir and Takhar have been appointed based on the recent decree of supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.