Newborn baby mistakenly declared dead by hospital

NEW DELHI (AFP): A newborn baby, declared dead by a private hospital in Delhi, was found to be alive when the family was on their way to his funeral.

According to media, the doctors at Max Hospital, a privately run hospital, pronounced the baby dead hours after his twin who was still born.

The devastated parents said that they noticed one of the babies squirming inside the plastic bag that doctors placed the infants in.

The news of the incident sparked outrage and debate over the quality of private healthcare in the country which is often costly. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that he had ordered an inquiry into the matter.

The state health minister has also described the incident as “shocking criminal negligence”. According to the twins’ grandfather, the stunned family rushed the newborn to a nearby hospital where they were told that their baby was still alive, local media reported.

In a statement to reporters, Max hospital said they were “shaken” and “concerned” over the incident, and added that the doctor has been asked to go on leave, pending an inquiry.

Delhi police have begun to investigate the case and have consulted legal experts, reported ANI news agency.