Newly constructed steel bridge inaugurated

F.P. Report
DIR: Last year in Swat and Malakand, several bridges were swept away due to severe floods, making access to various areas impossible. Security Forces and the District Administration temporarily paved the roads for access to the areas, but important steps are being taken for permanent access. In this regard, Security Forces completed the construction of a steel bridge in Killot area of Upper Dir and opened it for all types of traffic.
About 10,000 people of the area will benefit from the newly constructed steel bridge. While constructing, Security Forces ensured that the construction of the bridge is at a high level so it can be protected from the water flow after rains in the future. Local residents also volunteered with the Security Forces during the construction of the bridge.
On the occasion of the inauguration of the bridge, the local population thanked the Senior Officials of the Pakistan Army & Frontier Corps North and said that the construction of the bridge will make travel easier and access to other areas will be possible.