Newly married groom dies in an accident minutes after wedding

HEART (Khaama Press): A newlywed groom and one other person died in a car collision minutes after the wedding, according to local Taliban government officials in the Herat province of northwest Afghanistan.
The tragic accident, which killed 2 people and injured 6 others, took place in the Jaghartan area of Herat’s Injil district.
According to local sources in the province of Herat, the bride and groom’s car overturned while en route from the wedding hall to their home.
The Taliban administration authorities have identified overspeeding as the incident’s underlying cause, which resulted in the death and injuries of the people, including the groom.
Road damage, irresponsible driving, disregards for traffic laws, and excessive speed is a few of the factors that contribute to traffic accidents and related deaths in Afghanistan.
In keeping with the subject of tragic weddings, a recent wedding in the Laghman province of eastern Afghanistan ended in shootings for a newlywed couple.
The bride and groom were holding hands when a lone gunman entered the wedding hall and opened fire, killing both of them.
According to credible sources who spoke to the media, the bride’s rejection of the shooter’s marriage proposal caused him to kill the bride and her husband on the wedding day.