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Nikos: Turkey will not allow Cyprus to join NATO

Written by The Frontier Post

ATHENS (RIA Novosti): Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis believes that it is too early for Nicosia to discuss NATO membership because of Turkey’s position, which will block Cyprus from joining the alliance.
After the opening ceremony of the new building of the rehabilitation center for members of the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA), journalists asked Anastasiades if there was a chance that a discussion of NATO and Cyprus membership would begin.
“I think it’s too early to discuss something like that, there are serious problems that, even if the Cypriot g-overnment had the will, w-ould face procedural issues and, of course, objection from Turkey. Unanimity is required for the state to be-come NATO member,” An-astasiadis said. His statement was circulated by the Press and Information Bureau.
“Besides this, we are a small country, we need protection, of course, and most importantly, that protection be effective, and any decisions be approved by the people,” the president said.
When asked about new anti-Russian sanctions, Anastasiadis replied that if some sanctions proposed by the EU against Russia do not help and do not correspond to the goal pursued by the EU, they simply will not be accepted.
The EU on Monday will discuss the imposition of new sanctions against Ru-ssia. When asked how the Cypriot government would act, Anastasiadis said that “some concerns have already been expressed about the sixth package.”
“We said that they sh-ould be targeted, with res-ults in mind. At the same time, European partners sh-ould take into account their impact on EU Member States, and ultimately it should be sanctions against the invading country, not sanctions against Member States Therefore, we will act accordingly,” Anastasiadis said.
“We are for the unity of the EU, for the measures that must be taken in case of violation of international law. And this, of course, cannot exclude Cyprus,” the president said.
When asked if Cyprus could not participate in the sanctions, the President replied that there was nothing of the sort.
“If some of the proposed measures that we have identified and documented show that they do not help, do not correspond to the goal pursued by the EU, then these specific measures will simply not be taken,” he said.

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