NIRC directs Bank Al Falah to reinstate Manager

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: National Industrial Relation Commission (NIRC) has directed Bank Al Falah to reinstate Faiz Muhammad as Manager with all perks and privileges, on Monday.

The counsel Malik Shahbaz Advocate appeared before NIRC on behalf of petitioner and informed that Bank Al Falah has terminated Faiz Muhammad without listening him and letter was forwarded via E-mail in 2021.

The counsel argued that applicant was recruited in 2015 and served Bank Al Falah in different capacities with conviction and commitment. He added that latterly Faiz Muhammad was victimized by transferring to other districts despite the fact that applicant was recruited for Peshawar.

The applicant has made request to Bank Al Falah high-ups to ensure his posting at Peshawar, Malik Shahbaz Advocate added. He added that latterly Bank Al Falah has terminated Faiz Muhammad without provision of defense facility in his favor.
The counsel added that applicant was terminated without any objections and complaints neither provided defense’ facility while termination letter forwarded by means of E-mail which is not satisfactory.

Neglecting defense’ facility to employees mean violating International Labor and argued reinstatement of Faiz Muhammad as Manager along with all perks and privileges, the counsel argued. However, Bank Al Falah’s lawyer demanded dismissal appeal but NIRC has ordered to reinstated Faiz Muhammad along with perks and privileges.