General John Nicholson

No change in Pakistan behavior towards Haqqani network: General Nicholson

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WASHINGTON: US General in Afghanistan, John Nicholson has said that Pakistan initiated operation against the terrorists inside their own country but still we had not seen any significant change in Pakistan behavior towards Haqqani network.

General John Nicholson blamed Pakistan that it did not change behavior towards Taliban affiliated Haqqani network still hide out on the Pakistan side of Durand Line.

He added that despite the tough policy of President Trump, Pakistan still continue provide safe havens to the terrorist group and adding that Pakistan policies causing the destabilizing the region.

Nicholson added that after the increase of US forces in Afghanistan and its patrolling with the Afghan counterpart will push back the Taliban.

He further added that smaller numbers of US troops have already been conducting such work this year, but their ranks would increase dramatically.

It is part of President Donald Trump’s strategy for Afghanistan and region, which he announced in August and that has already seen a sharp increase in air strikes and an additional 3,000 troops for Afghanistan.

The strategy includes relations with Pakistan, which Trump has angrily accused Islamabad of harboring agents of chaos. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also has said too many extremists are finding sanctuary there.


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