No compromise on security: Ghani

KABUL (Tolo News): President Ashraf Ghani reiterated that there will be no compromise on security and the defense forces in the peace negotiations and that the troops have given the “highest sacrifice” in the last six years. Ghani, who addressed security forces at an event at the Ministry of Defense, gave the Ghazi Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan medal to Army Chief Gen. Yasin Zia.

Hundreds of security force members also received medals and some of them were promoted to higher ranks. “There will be no compromise on security and defense forces of Afghanistan as long as I and the nation are alive. You are the pride of the Afghan people,” Ghani said.

“I especially thank the army chief who stood on the frontline like a soldier in the north, south, east and west.

Today, I award you the Ghazni Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan medal,” Ghani said, speaking to Gen. Yasin Zia. Ghani said that Afghan forces have given the greatest sacrifice to ensure the security of the country over the last six years.

“The sacrifices that the international forces gave in blood… We always thank them. But you give sacrifices daily. The world today is calm because of your sacrifices, but we are on the frontline,” he said. This comes as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a series of tweets on Saturday defended President Trump’s policy towards Afghanistan and said that previous administrations tried to talk to the Taliban and withdraw US forces from the country but added that only the Trump administration had succeeded. His remarks sparked reactions in Kabul where senators and analysts said that while no American soldier has been killed over the last year, thousands of Afghan civilians and military personnel have lost their lives in violence.