No Hajj for Muslims if they oppose Ram Temple in Ayodhya, warns BJP MLA

NEW DELHI (AFP): Against the backdrop of rising Hidutava, the efforts for marginalising minorities, especially Muslims, in India have been beefed up as ruling party MLA Brijbhushan Rajput threatened Muslims to halt creating obstacles in construction of Ram Temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya or they would not be allowed to perform Hajj rituals, the Indian media reported.

In a warning issued through a video post on Facebook, Rajput said, “The Muslim community should respect the feelings on the issue of Ram Temple of 100 crore Hindus in the country.

If they don’t do so, we will not respect their feelings too.” “If Muslims create hindrance or stop construction of Ram Temple, their Haj pilgrimage will also be stopped,” Rajput said.

Going one step further, Rajput urged Indian govt to scrap subsidies offered to Muslims on Hajj pilgrimage. Violence against Muslims is on all-time high in Modi s India since BJP formed government and at least 18 Muslims have been lynched thus far by Hindu extremists citing violation of beef ban.

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