‘No journalist arrested for media activities’

KABUL (Agencies): Deputy Publications of MoIC says that the process of distributing identity cards to journalists has started in Kabul, and this process will develop to all over the country.
Deputy Publications of Ministry of Information and Culture, Mawlavi Hayatullah Mohajer told in an interview that journalists can make reports with any government organs without a letter and continue their media activity after receiving an identity card.
After entering their personal details and their respective media, an identity card will be issued from the center, he said.
Mohajer says that the Ministry of Information and Culture of the country is striving to address the problem of lack of access to information to journalists, and this problem will be addressed by distributing the identity card, adding distribution of this card is free of charges for the journalists.
The spreading rumors and baseless news that is in conflict with the Islamic Emirate will be prevented, he added.
According to him, currently there are no jailed journalists in the country and if some people are possible, it was a personal crime and they were not arrested because of their media activities.
He continued saying that addressing the problems of the media is one of the basic responsibility of the Ministry of Information and Culture and no other body has the right to interfere in the affairs of the media and journalists.
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Information and Culture, there are currently 300 audio, video and publications media operating in the country.