No, Kylian Mbappé didn’t comment on Lee Kang-in or Japanese footballers

PARIS (AFP): According to a viral edited video in South Korea, Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappé responded to the club’s signing of South Korean midfielder Lee Kang-in. He was also asked about Japanese footballers.

But there are huge discrepancies between Mbappé’s reply in French, and the video’s subtitles in Korean – not to mention that the footballer’s response in question was about something entirely different, and from two years ago.

Vedika Bahl explains in this edition of Truth or Fake.

Meanwhile, Amid all the upheaval over potential departures, the French club is on the brink of signing Kang-in Lee as per Fabrizio Romano, in a move that has gone under the radar with all the attention on Mbappé in the last few days.

The South Korean has been a revelation for Mallorca in La Liga this season, and moving to PSG will be a significant step up in his career but one he is undoubtedly ready for, having oozed class throughout last season. has already written about Kang-in Lee’s class, and while it seems his services may have slipped out from the club’s grasp, his transfer could alert the Reds to sign a fellow compatriot following in his footsteps.

At the last U20 World Cup back in 2019 in Poland, the winner of the Player of the Tournament award was PSG’s latest signing, with Lee guiding South Korea all the way to the final of the competition with six goal contributions in seven games.

This time around, while Seung-won Lee hasn’t quite won the Player of the Tournament award at the latest iteration of the tournament taking place in Argentina, he has very much followed in Kang-in Lee’s footsteps, winning the Bronze Award (given to the third best player at the tournament) and once again securing a place in the top four for South Korea.

A midfielder just like Kang-in Lee, Seung-won Lee scored three goals and registered four assists in seven games at the U20 World Cup which concluded last weekend, and his performances should have alerted the attention of a lot of Europe’s top clubs.