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No one can end articles 62 & 63 says Siraj

F.P. Report

ABBOTTABAD: Jamaat-i-Islami chief, Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has said his party will strongly resist if anyone try to end the Articles 62 & 63 of the constitution as it was the standard of the electability of the public office holders.

JI will continue its struggle and we demands across the board accountability. He said this while addressing to youth leadership of the JI in Abbottabad.

Siraj appreciated the SC verdict in Panama case and adding that the disqulaifing Nawaz Sharif by apex court will deliver a strong message and it will pave the way for the accountability of the every corrupt in the country.

He added that JI is not against any individual “We are struggling for the development of the country and his party strongly believes to end the corruption and punish the involved”

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