No one has guts to mess with women in my family: Saif Ali Khan

NEW DELHI (AFP): Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan said he feels “no one has the guts to mess with his family members” and urged that “vulnerable ladies be protected”.

Responding to a question regarding the #MeToo movement in India, Saif said, “It is a very unequal society. I don’t think anyone will misbehave with my people… I don’t know why I feel like this, but be it my mother or sister or wife, I feel people will not have the guts to do that with them.”

“It might be because they have certain protection around them. So, we have to protect the ladies who don’t have that protection around them or that aura that protects them. We have to make the place safe for the vulnerable ladies,” he added.

The 48-year-old actor has urged people to respect everyone. “We have to come to a situation where women feel safe enough to complain immediately and matters will be taken seriously. I hope the #MeToo movement stays in future and does not die down because it will create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.”

Speaking about the media attention given to his two-year-old son Taimur Ali Khan, Saif wondered how people could be so interested in a child’s life. “Media’s constant attention to him does not really bother me, but it would be better if it was not there. If the media likes it, people like it, I am okay with it; but I won’t be interested in someone else’s kids so much.”

“On one level, it is nice that he makes people laugh and smile; but on another level, why is so much attention given to a kid? Why are we so interested in a little kid so much? I don’t understand it,” he added.

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