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No power can oust Nawaz from leadership, public support: Ch. Nisar

Written by The Frontier Post

RAWAT (INP): Ex-interior minister Chaudhry Nisar has said no power can oust Nawaz Sharif from leadership as he has public support with him. While addressing a rally at Rawat he reiterated his support for former prime minister saying that Nawaz Sharif could be removed as premier, but his place as a leader cannot be taken away.

He added “Whenever PML-N comes into power, the country prospers.” Nisar slammed the political opponents, criticising the previous rule in which not a single mega project was pursued. He said it is difficult to participate in politics and there is little respect for politicians. He said PML-N will be strengthened in the leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

Nisar said although Supreme Court has taken the premiership from Nawaz Sharif, but no power can snatch the leadership and public support from him. He announced to indulge in party campaign and travel to different regions in order to strengthen PML-N. He claimed that hospitals and roads are made only when PML-N gains power.

He said he will always speak truth whether someone likes it or not, stressing that he was the one who defended the party in difficult times. Nisar pointed out that the culture of grandstanding is damaging for a ruling government. “Real loyalty is to speak truth rather than grandstanding before the party leadership,” he argued.

The former minister affirmed that he will visit his constituency on a regular basis and enhance people-to-people interaction. He also conveyed that he will focus on public campaigns for PML-N in different areas of the country. “We’re busy abusing each other while the country faces numerous threats,” he warned.

Nisar said he would explain in next few days as to why didn’t he take any post in the current federal cabinet. He said he felt himself blessed seeing so many people to his back. “Neither did I send a vehicle, nor invited them, yet a large number of people showed up at the rally.”

“These days politics in Pakistan has become really difficult. There’s mud-slinging, no differentiation in right and wrong,” Nisar said. “People should decide whenever PML-N comes in power; new roads and motorways are built in the country. New paths were opened for development in the entire country over the past four years.”

Nisar had declined to take any post in the new federal cabinet, which was sworn in on Friday following disqualification of Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s election as the new premier.

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