No respect for tax payers

I Want to draw the kind attention  of  Prime Minister  of Pakistan  that  this logic is not understood to me  that those most honest , Most patriotic, most philanthropists  and law-obeying  good citizen of Pakistan who  have being paid  income taxes  every year million of Rupees in most honestly ways, No any development works  are being carried out   in the   native  villages   of such most  respected   & most excellent income tax payers citizens of Pakistan

But on others side, all  the development  funds  are  being utilized  abd gulped  by  the  most selfish  & most powerful members  of  local bodies  members of  District councils,  Tehsil councils  and Union Councils  who have never pay any income tax  even of one paisa to the govt  of Pakistan and also not the real and true royalful  friends  of  Nawaz Sharif, the president  of PML-N.

I am saying this because of the following  reasons.

1- That    ADOWAL of  Tehsil  Pind Dadun Khan  is the   native village of a great surgeon  of Pakistan  Professor  & Dean  Dr Raja Ghulam Asghar  (late )   who had remained   one of the most  honest, most   patriotic  and most  experienced surgeon of Pakistan  & who had served this Islamic country  of Pakistan in  the medical  field  for a long  period of 56 years  from 1952 upto  2008 .

2)- He  had also  served the Pakistan  Army during  1965 indo-Pakistan war  at the battle field at  Lahore, Sialkot, &  Kharian Sectors  24  hours to do surgical operations  of injured  army men and officers in the battle field

3)- That,  Field Marshal Ayub Khan  (Late) had appreciated  the  most excellent service  of this great surgeon  of Pakistan  .

4)- When ever  he used to go abroad  for attending medical conferences, seminars etc, he was being offered most attractive jobs on handsome salaries and others  fringes by the ambassador  but this great surgeon did not accepted their offers because he was a true Pakistani  person.

5)- He  used  to pay the income Tax million  of Rupees  every year  to the  Govt  of Pakistan  in most honestly way. He was only the great surgeon of the  history  of  Pakistan who had paid  maximum   amount  of income tax  to the govt of Pakistan than compared to others doctors  of Pakistan

6)- But it is  a matter  of great pity  that no any development work are being done  by the chairman District council  Jhelum

7)- Even  one ordinary work  of constructing a most important  Pukka road from  Chopal  upto Graveyard (on which, the Jinaza of everyone passing through this uneven damaged path) has not been constructed so far .

8)- Because  all the members  of  the  district council Jhelum  are not   feeling any fear  of  Great Allah and the  severe Aazab of the great Allah which  these  most cruel members of the district council Jhelum  will soon be faced in their graves.

9)- Similarly  The  members  of the  District Council Jhelum  have no intion to carry out any development work  till  Qiamat.

10)- In the light of the above mentioned facts, I will  request to Prime Minister of Pakistan  to kindly restore  the previous  system of administration  of  Deputy Commissioners  in place  of  DCOs and full power of utilizing  of development funds in uniformly ways.

11)- In this way, the bad activities  of dishonest and  and most corrupt members  of the  local bodies of     mis-using  and  gulping  of  development  funds  can be crushed .

12)- Besides this, Most strict  rules  & regulations are needed  to be imposed  for the  improving  of the   moral characters of the members of the district councils   .