‘No revenge after general amnesty announcement’

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KABUL (Pajhwok): Acting Defence Minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqoub has said that according to some reports Taliban fighters have killed some individuals on the bases of enmity with the Taliban after the announcement of general amnesty by the Taliban leadership.
Yaqoub said this in an audio message which was released by Bilal Karimi, the Taliban information ministry’s member. “Two or more incidents happened in which some people have been killed, two or three people are killed. The Islamic Emirate announced general amnesty and no Mujahid has the right to break this promise and act otherwise,“ he said.
He said if the Taliban have any personal issue with someone they shall refer to the court and resolve it in this way. In his message, Mullah Yaqoub urged his comrades to refrain from accepting criminal individuals and those who served as Afghan Local Force (ALP) in the past in their ranks.
He warned if after this announcement the Taliban gave place to criminal and notorious commanders in their ranks the responsible Taliban commander will be disarmed and would be expelled from the Taliban ranks. He also criticized irrelevant movement of some Taliban fighters and stressed these forces should stay in their own place.

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