Nobody can be allowed to damage national assets: Saad

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways and Aviation Khawaja Saad Rafique has said that nobody could be allowed to damage or destroy national assets and warned that those involved in burning of Tarnol Railway station would be brought to justice.

Presiding over a meeting to review several matters held at the PR headquarters here on Saturday, he condemned the burning of Tarnol Railway station building during a protest by the PTI activists on May 09, saying that the culprits of the incident had been captured and soon they would face the punishment by the courts.

The minister also condemned the blasts on the Quetta railway track and directed to arrest the culprits by chasing them. He directed the PR administration to present the forensic report of ablaze incident of Karachi Express train as soon as possible. The minister was given briefing about the restoration of Sibbi-Harnai railway track and removal of hurdles in it.

The meeting also discussed different options about the reduction of feasibility assessment of ML-1 project and auction of shops constructed on railway land. A progress report about scrap disposal was also presented to the minister. Taking the notice of the disturbance in the booking application, the minister directed to ensure provision of the facility without any discontinuation.

The minister also directed the Gawadar office to present a report about its performance and future plans. He ordered to study applicable suggestions about profit gain of sleeper-factories and other production units. He expressed his satisfaction over the popularity and number of passengers in the Shalimar Express train.

The minister also directed to appoint heads of Railways Estate Department and Marketing Company (REDAMCO) and Pakistan Railways Freight Transportation Company (PRFTC) within a week. The meeting also decided restructuring of the railway divisions and a committee would present recommendations to the ministry of Railways in this regard.