“Noman Bin Aziz” My hard time friend and elder brother

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Dr. Tasneem Ahmad

On 29 April 2021, he was feeling slight temperature even after conducted all possible medical and lab tests to investigate the reasons behind the fever. He told me that Covid -19 test is also negative, additionally he has got vaccinated himself well ahead of time when above sixties Pakistanis were being vaccinated as per policy of the federal government. He further narrated that he is sixty-two, and I was considering him below sixty and less than mine in age. By grace of Allah, he maintained himself and was looking like near fifty. Friends who have seen him will endorsed my claim. This all he told me when I narrated my story of felling in bathroom during first ashra of Ramzan. I got fever and lost my blood pressure which resulted in my unconsciousness and felling on tiled bath, and I lost my one tooth and browses on face, legs/knees and elbow. This all happens due to excess uric acid which caused foot pain and ultimately, I was taken over by high fever. He advised me not to go for fasting for at least one week and get complete health recovery first and then bestowed before Allah SWT. I could only advise Noman to get investigate his illness and take proper treatment.

On Eidulfitr I wished him Eid Mubarak by WhatsApp message which was not replied by him, I also could not contact him by phone due to my family problem which was started from 27th of Ramzan and still not diminished, as a result our Eid was also colorless and without any jubilation. On 9 June 21, a message from common friend Mr. Shahid Awan gave me unexplained deep pain and cry, that Noman my hard time friend and brother is no more in this world. إِنَّالِلَّٰهِوَإِنَّاإِلَيْهِرَاجِعُونَ‎,. I called his brother Zubair Aziz in Lahore, who did not attend my call, perhaps could not able to reply in his profound mourning. Later I called Shoaib bin Aziz, who attended my call and I found him in immense patience and endurance, as I could not control my scream on this unrepairable loss, but he gave me solace and advised me for praying for Noman’s maghferat. I told him, Noman was my brother, Shabi bhai told me he was his son. So, we both gave solace to each other. Here I want to share my deep heartfelt condolence with my bhabiw/o Noman bin Aziz, Saad and Saud sons of my great friend. He was really a friend in need and friend in deed.

Noman bin Aziz was a true and stanch Muslim and pray five times daily. He performed hajj couple of years ago, too. He was a decent host, any time we went to his office or apartment he was ready for hosting us. In office we used to eat ‘daleem’ with nan, which he himself broke in to loaf of bread and offered us with warm kindness. He ate less and cared that guest might eat full of their bellies. We enjoyed many such lunches at his Shahra e Faisal Karachi office. When he shifted to Uni plaza Karachi, office we enjoyed roti with ‘and achanna’ and ‘daal’ along with ‘kachuris’ the best tastes of the old streets of Karachi. During covid lock downs when he established his office at his apartment, we again went to enjoy his hospitality which never ended in single course. One day I went to share sweets with him on birth of my grandson, he gave me mubarak and tickled me with ecstasy, and lauded Dada ji and Nana ji (my granddaughter was born in September last, for which I felt honored. We both were happy and enjoyed the talks and time. He was a family man sharing his love with everyone. We met at a time when I was no more on chair of Director General. Hence, he was my hard time friend, and not like another friend Irshad Bhatti, who had to face Dr. Zafar Altaf (late) with words, Bhatti was my good time friend, when it was said by DZA, I was there in PARC office Islamabad. I also had a huge number of good time friends who are in agrochem industry and public service too. Many of them were coming to me with papers in plastic bags to get favour of pesticides’ registration and more who are now leaders at diverse levels. My apology, I am little de-tracked and but eagerly wish to write on the roots of such little, mean and small head people.

On the other hand, Noman did not see day and night and he was ready to give me hope, courage and advice to face the unfortunate situation as they are part of life. He went all along the way with me to Lahore, for a recommendation from nice person, Mr. Mansoor Afaq, rather he also persuaded his elder brother Shoaib bin Aziz, another gentle man, to accompany up to the Punjab University, Lahore. Noman was present in wedding and valima ceremonies of my daughter and son respectively and shared responsibilities like an elder brother. He appreciated my articles on desert locust published in the Frontier Post last year. One of the articles on drone technology was not only cherished by him but also encouraged me to introduce and initiate the drone technology in Pakistan, to fight desert locust and other crops’ insect and disease pests.

Donot know why Noman bin Azizl eft all of us in agony and proceeded to his eternal abode. His son told me he was diagnosed cancer in lungs, perhaps he was a smoker. Allah SWT ‘mughferat’ farmaey; May Allah SWT grant him Jannatul Firdous. He was a great man and friend with fine manners.

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