Noor criticizes Stanikzai, Atmar

Noor criticizes Stanikzai, Atmar

KABUL (Khaama Press): The provincial governor of the northern Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor harshly criticized the national security adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar and the national directorate of security chief Mohammad Stanikzai after clashes in Balkh airport that left at least two people dead.

In a short statement posted on his official Facebook page, Noor accused the two top security officials of hatching conspiracies to destabilize the northern Balkh province.

Noor said Balkh has been among the relatively calm and peaceful provinces and conspiracies involving plans and projects to destabilize the province should be refrained from. This comes as a clash broke out in Balkh airport in northern Afghanistan during the arrest of the provincial council member Asif Momand.

Momand was arrested in Balkh international airport days after he had accused Ata M. Noor of being involved in massive corruption.

The Balkh security chief Syed Kamal Sadat confirmed that Momand was arrested and at least two of security guards were killed while two security personnel were wounded.

Balkh governor spokesman Munir Farhad said Momand is accused of having role in the corruption and has been arrested on orders of the judicial institutions.

Another security official said clashes between the security forces and the guards of Momand broke out after he resisted to hand himself over for the extradition to Kabul.

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