Noori working in Pashto film Janaan

PESHAWAR (APP): Noori Khan is one of the trusted and talented Pashto telefilms and TV dramas artist and has not been associated with this field for a long time, but in this short period of time, Noori Khan’s credit shows a lot.
Talking to APP, Noori Khan said that she entered the world of showbiz five years ago. There is no dearth of new talent, we have to work hard to convince ourselves, we have started reaping the fruits of our hard work very soon.
She started her career with director AK Khan’s Pashto telefilm. She said that only a good director can recognize the talent of an artist and present it on screen in a good way. One can become one who has a sensitive heart because one who can feel the pain of others is the one who is able to portray a sincere character.
Noori Khan said that she has also modeled on the songs of famous Pashto singers, which she feels proud of. The experience of modeling for commercials is interesting in the sense that the work is done in a short period of time, the remuneration is good and nowadays, because commercials are becoming good, they also get instant fame and popularity.
Noori Khan also showed interest in playing a central role in the film, but like most actors, she also says that I will work in the film. When the quality is good, the new artists come to this field with some plans in their mind.
Noori Khan said about her choice in acting that it is not a serious acting choice but Maddy looks good to the point of watching. Regarding the environment of showbiz, she said that the number of autists are increasing day by day due to the high production.
Some begin to understand, while apart from all these things, I believe in work and meet with the most open heart, she added. Only Pashto films have supported the industry. If there were no Pashto films, the Pakistan film industry would not have existed at this time, she remarked. “I am currently working in Shahid Usman’s new Pashto film “Janaan”, this is my first film and I will try to do my best and attract the audience,” she concluded.