NSC meeting discusses security of mines

KABUL (Agencies): Presided over by President Ashraf Ghani, a meeting of the National Security Council was held at the Presidential palace, a statement said.

During the meeting, Ahmad Zia Seraj, acting head of National Directorate for Security, Major General Bismillah Waziri Chief of Staff of the Ministry of National Defenseand Abdul Saboor Qaneh, Deputy Minister of Security for the Ministry of Interior, provided information on the general security situation of the country, addressing the heirs of martyrs and treatment of the injured.

After listening to the above-mentioned information, the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces instructed the relevant authorities to provide all facilities and pay more attention to the treatment of the wounded and the families of the martyrs of the security and defense forces, the presidential press office added

. Referring to the recapture of mines by the opposition in Badakhshan, the National Security Council meeting decided that in the light of a clear policy, more work should be done with the people and elders, as they have more information and awareness in this regard, the statement added. Similarly, the National Security Council meeting stressed that the security and defense forces should have a unified and coherent policy in order to repel the threats posed to the mines.

At the end of the meeting, in order to ensure better security, necessary instructions were given to the officials of the security and defense organs, the statement added.

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