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Nuclear deal is not negotiable, Iran tells France

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TEHRAN: Bassam Ghassemi, spokesman of Iranian foreign ministry has rejected more dialogues and adding that Iran will never accept inclusion of any other issue in the nuclear deal on the nuclear

This he said on Saturday in a response to remarks by the French president Emmanuel Macron. French President Macron called for watchfulness towards Tehran for ts ballistic missile program and regional activities.

Ghassemi told that Iran has informed French leadership on several occasions that Iran nuclear agreement of 2015 is not negotiable and not a single issue would be included in it.

He added that France is fully aware of Iran position concerning the defensive affairs and it is not negotiable and we will not compromise on our defense in any manner.

Macron said in the interview to Al-Ittihad that there was no immediate alternative to the Iranian nuclear deal which was criticized by the US President Donald Trump and adding that Paris is trying to save the nuclear deal, which was signed by Iran signed with six world powers including Britain, China, Germany, France, Russia, and the United States.

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