O my servant! Spend (on charity), I shall spend on you

F.P. Report

KABUL: “And whatever good things you spend shall be paid back to you in full, and you shall not be wronged.” (2:272)

The interpretation of Hadith-e-Qudsi is that: “?? ????! ??????? ??????? ????” O my servant! Spend (on charity), I shall spend on you.

As it is obvious that among the Muslims there are many rich around the world who wish to spend their God-given wealth on religious and humanitarian basis in such a way that their charity reaches those truly deserving through honest and righteous people.

It is also a fact that the most impoverished and grief-stricken people around the globe can be found in the Islamic world, a prime example of which is our beloved country Afghanistan. On top of other protracted tragedies, the coronavirus pandemic has become another trial for our countrymen with which they are dealing in abject poverty. Even when they intend to leave for neighboring countries to make a living, they are drowned in rivers rather than being assisted.

In circumstances like this, the responsibility of those who have been blessed with riches by Allah grows even bigger because the existence of indigents is a test of wealthy people. Hence, if they spend on the poor then perhaps they have succeeded in trial by Allah and He will grant them the best reward.

That is why the Islamic Emirate has itself stepped up to the challenge of helping its needy compatriots and also facilitated other generous individuals that live inside and outside Afghanistan – the wealthy Muslim brothers and other international humanitarian donors – who seek to sincerely and with an open hand give aid to the helpless orphans, widows, disabled and needy of our homeland.

For the same great purpose the Islamic Emirate has formed an independent administration for the affairs of orphans and disabled so the donations of people can be distributed to those most deserving in a transparent and honest manner.

Undoubtedly this is the best and unprecedented opportunity for spending in the path of Allah because on one hand, it is the blessed month of Ramadhan in which every financial and physical act of worship is multiplied manifold and on the other, the existing pandemic (Covid-19) has plunged the people into poverty. Therefore, this is a golden chance for wealthy to spend on those in true need via transparent and accountable administration.

This organ of Islamic Emirate ensures assures all donors, organizations and countries that their charities and donations will be delivered to the truly deserving people in a just manner and no corruption or embezzlement will occur therein.

Everyone is able to securely deliver their donations to those in need either directly or through the medium of the organ appointed by the Islamic Emirate in every region of Afghanistan and specifically in rural areas under the complete control of Islamic Emirate.