OBOR reshaping the World-South Asia

Shahid Jameel

New world developments such as China’s investment in the One Belt One Road Initiative and Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union and its connectivity with OBOR are key factors that will define the new trends in the world power. Trillions of dollars project i.e. “OBOR” initiative of China is a step towards reshaping the world-South Asia.

The initiator is working on buying wide ranging influence by creating an economic supremacy around the globe which already includes investments in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and resource rich Africa.

With the future of global economy hidden in Asia Pacific region, China is currently focusing her economic doorway into the Asian Pacific region. The OBOR initiative thus revolves around two basic accomplishments by the Chinese planners.

Firstly, the OBOR aims at amalgamating the Asian Pacific and Euro-Asian economies by linking it with Chinese mainland through direct road and rail links distributing the Chinese economic hegemony in these regions. Secondly OBOR will provide an substitute to China to sea trade routes dominated by the mighty US Navy giving the last beat to knock out US global proficiency. The congregated countries involved are welcoming the overall impact of the Chinese plans.

China is effective to resolve regional disputes through dialogues and investments where possible to create constructive conditions for their economic supremacy like noticed in the case of the Philippines breaking traditional ties with the USA to join the China.

On other instances, Chinese strategy is based on military and surrogate altercation, like in the case of USA and Japan, where these country’s populations are reluctant to grasp the ground reality that the USA is no-more the sole super power of the world and the uni-polar world order is deceased. Chinese military build up in South China sea and the refusal of North Korea to give away its nuclear armory is a point in this case displaying the underlying Chinese designs.

The US strategy is essentially based on creating India as a ballast to the rise of the Chinese Empire. India is an insolvent country which simply does not possess the muscle to either economically match the Chinese monetary prowess or militarily fight a two front war with China at one side and her ally Pakistan on the other side.

While Pakistan desires to tackle India with the Chinese help in the milieu of a traditional arch rivalry, Chinese interests yet again dictate the requirements of economic integration for the region, with both India and Pakistan being her neighboring countries.

China is thus surely working to resolve differences with India which would indirectly encourage Pakistan to follow suit. China simply cannot afford to let three countries including them-self having compelling nuclear arsenals jump to the guns, destroying the regional economy on whose integration the very rise of China as a global superpower depends upon.

That’s why China is persuading India to join the Chinese OBOR initiative. India is so far not only resisting to join the OBOR but working to sabotage the pivotal vein of the mega project, which is “CPEC”. Despite of all this and Pakistani security establishment’s anxiety, China is working with Pakistani politicians in toe to create an environment for peaceful resolution of disputes in the region.

However, the USA will sooner than later have to start looking inwards and focus on her domestic failing infrastructure and related domestic economic issues, which will provide China with the much needed space to move in the Indian markets.

India would be forced to join the OBOR by the free market economy it depends upon to survive. Such a scenario will promote peace, prosperity and democracy in the region, which will ultimately work towards the benefit of respective populations.

It would be a win all situations for everyone less the US designs and delusional Hindu ultra nationalists, but you can’t keep everyone happy but only try to do so.



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