Ocean Art Gallery organizes artist

Ocean Art Gallery organizes artist Asim Amjad’s art-work exhibition

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Ocean Art Gallery, being one of the largest Pakistani gallery dealing with sales of artworks hosted a solo show of paintings by Asim Amjad on Saturday, 25th January. The exhibition continue till 30th January, 2020.

Khalil Ahmed owner and CEO of Ocean Art Galleries while speaking to media said; “our priority is to provide most comfortable, high-quality and fast services to our customers”.

Asim Amjad is a professional artist and is also the pioneer of Art & Drama Therapy in Pakistan. He was born in Lahore and has degrees from Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), Islamabad and Lahore Arts Council. In addition to fine-art degrees he also has a Master’s degree in Psychology (M.Sc. Psychology). He said; “l believe art is the energy of life and sensation of beauty. As an psychic energy, It creates self awareness and insight from which an individual will be able to enhance his/her abstract thinking”.

On his current exhibition being held at Ocean Art Gallery, Asim Amjad shared his thoughts & reflections and said “we are facing such kind ofmental phenomenon that we cannot make sense of; behind the mask of life;

“Man” has become a melancholic clown and his commitments with life have become erotic matter of fact. His spirit demands clarity and calmness of thoughts but who will give “Him” these melodious things which belong to holy spheres. My Landscapes are the personification of my innate hidden emotions whom I want to capture. My exhausted soul still breathing in the realm of raped ethical values of my beloved society; searching the beauty of nature in the heart of compassion”.