OGRA rejects SNGPL proposal to hike gas tariff

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PESHAWAR: During OGRA’s hearing of SNGPL petition for increase in Gas Tariff held at Pearl Continental Peshawar, Chief Executive Officer KPOGCL‘s claims of non action on OGDCL well at Baratai, Kohat, were refuted by Representative of SNGPL, as being baseless.

Representative of SNGPL informed the forum that the gas from Baratai well has not been allocated to SNGPL by the Ministry of Energy. As soon as it is allocated to SNGPL, our organizational machinery will start working on connecting the well to our transmission system. Representative of SNGPL further stated that there is no dearth of system capacity in KP, and we can cater to all new discoveries in the province.

However, we require support from Government of KP to enhance the capacity as work on 24” dia transmission line near Kohat has been stopped by locals and only Provincial Government can intervene to resolve this issue. SNGPL has also carried out major gas infrastructure up-gradation projects in the province of KP, which includes a 111 Kms transmission line from Mardan to Swat and a 24 Kms supply mains up-gradation within Peshawar City. Another project of a transmission line from Darra Adam Khel to Peshawar City is also under construction.

Representative of APTMA and CNG association also complained of consumers being charged on RLNG tariff. To this SNGPL’s representative replied that only those consumers who were violating their gas sales contract were charged for the difference of consumption from their contractual load on RLNG tariff. However, the matter has become sub-juiced and bills have been corrected. Moreover, SNGPL representative informed the authority that SNGPL has also reduced its UFG losses by 3% during the last three years.



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