OIC emergency conference

Speaking at the OIC emergency conference in Istanbul, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi complained that there has been a lack of substance in this organization’s for expression of solidarity with the struggling Muslim Countries. He said Pakistan urges the United States to rescind the decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, fully comply with all applicable United Nation Security Council resolutions and to recommit unequivocally to the two- states resolution. He said, “Together with OIC and Islamic world Pakistan has always demonstrated solidarity with Palestinian people and their legitimate aspirations for a promised homeland.”

The prime Minister reiterated Pakistan’s firm stance for a viable, independent and contiguous state of Palestine on the basis of internationally agreed parameters, the pre 1967 borders and with Alqudus as its capital. He lamented that we have not given concrete shape to our expression of solidarity. This has been true, not only for Palestine but for other common causes as well. Prime Minister’s critique against the docility of OIC is the reflection of thinking and aspirations of Muslims living in 55 countries. This organization has done nothing concrete for strongly supporting the Intifada of Palestinians against Israel and freedom struggle of Kashmiris’ against India. The leadership in Islamic countries remains subservient to the Western Imperial Powers and has sided with their Patron-in- Chief, the United States in the implementation of New World Order, which resulted in the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and GCC countries toed the United States policy in civil war in Syria. After the abortive coup, Turkey has changed its policy towards Syria. There is a rivalry for supremacy in the gulf region between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The disunity among the Muslim countries is benefiting Israel. The civil war in Yemen has also divided the Islamic countries in rival camps. OIC has all along failed to prevent aggression against its member countries and resolution of disputes between them. It has never become a strong block like the European Union influencing the world affairs despite the vast resources of the Islamic countries. The situation in Syria and Palestine may inflame a big war engulfing a number of countries of the Middle East. Hopefully, the rulers of Islamic countries will demonstrate sagacity, and courage to defeat the nefarious designs of enemies of Muslims before it is too late. The speech of Pakistan’s Prime Minister should be taken as a wake-up call by the Muslim Ummah.


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