OIC’s stand on Palestine issue

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The Muslim world marked its historic unity on the Issue of Palestine through adoption of a resolution in a Virtual Extraordinary Meeting of OIC’s Executive Committee of Foreign Ministers on Sunday. It was an exemplary solidarity of Muslims Countries with oppressed Palestinians which was made possible by the significant efforts of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other Muslim Countries over the last week. The OIC’s Executive Committee strongly condemned the barbaric Israeli attacks against innocent Palestinians, warned Israel of dangerous consequences of its deliberate inflammation and provocation of religious emotions and feelings of Palestinians and entire Muslim Ummah. The Muslim countries demanded complete and immediate stop of the Israeli attacks that had affected innocent civilians and their properties, in gross violation of international law and United Nations resolutions on the Palestine issue.

The OIC resolution further said that Al-Quds Al-Shareef and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s first qibla and third holiest sanctuary, is a red line for the Islamic ummah, that only with its full liberation from occupation and its return to the Palestinian people and the Islamic ummah will there be security and stability. The foreign ministers reaffirmed the importance of the historical Hashemite custodianship of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Al-Quds and its role in preserving them and the existing legal and historical status there, and in preserving the Arab, Islamic and Christian identity of the sanctuaries. The resolution affirmed that all these acts constituted gross violation of international law, attaining the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity for which the occupation must be held accountable and the colonial system boycotted and sanctioned.

In fact, Israel is the baby born out of the illegal and nefarious nexus of two big powers United States and UK during 1940s. The two powers hatched out this monster through hand-picked gathering of Jews across the world at Palestinian land without any legal, moral, or political justification. The both USA and UK had sown the seeds of hostility and hate in the Arab land and they must be held responsible for this reprehensible act which caused huge humanitarian crisis in Palestine over the last seven decades. If Jews were so dear to them, they had to brought them in their own Countries instead of settling them at the Palestinian land forcefully. Over the years, the OIC became a flaunt platform due to lack of interest of some Muslims Countries, which encouraged the Israel to double down its atrocities against Palestinian people. The current reemergence of OIC as effective platform of the Muslim Ummah is very appreciable move on the part of all participating countries and OIC’s leadership. The OIC must continue this momentum and formulate a comprehensive strategy on the issues relating to Muslim Ummah. As expressed in the resolution, Muslim Countries must initiate a coordinated move at UNO and highlight the fact that all UNGA and UNSC’s Resolutions on Muslim issues including Palestine and Kashmir are pending for implementation for decades and UNO remained failed in resolving these issues as per it’s resolutions over more than seven decades. The Muslim Countries having Diplomatic or trade relations with Israel, must down grade these relations to build pressure on Jewish State. In fact, Palestine issue would be resolve through unity of Muslim Countries otherwise America and Israel are working on the agenda of elimination of Palestinian Muslims from Palestinian soil.

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