Oil smuggling, hawala hundi report submitted

ISLAMABAD (INP): A report regarding smuggling of Iranian oil and hawala hundi business was submitted to PM House by a government agency on Sunday.
The report provides details about Iranian oil smuggling and hawala hundi business.
“In Pakistan total 722 currency dealers have been involved in hawala hundi business and Punjab have maximum 205 hawala hundi dealers,” according to report.
“In KP 183 and Sindh 176 hawala dealers operating in this business,” report disclosed. “Moreover, 104 dealers working in Balochistan and 37 dealers involved in hawala hundi business in Azad Kashmir”.
Apart of it, 17 hawala dealers operating in federal capital Islamabad, Iranian oil smuggling, the government agency has also unveiled details of the officers, politicians and dealers involved in Iranian oil smuggling.
According to report around 2.810 billion litres oil being smuggled from Iran to Pakistan in a year. This oil smuggling inflicts 60 billion rupees revenue losses per annum to the national exchequer.
“Terrorists using the revenues generated from smuggling of oil from Iran,” report stated. The report further stated that 76 dealers in areas adjacent to border have been involved in oil smuggling.
Moreover, 995 petrol pumps selling Iranian oil across the country, report disclosed. “In oil smuggling 90 government officials and 29 politicians have been involved,” according to report.
“The oil smuggles into Pakistan in Iranian vehicles, these vehicles are named Zamyad,” the report added.