Old tact by the new rulers

The Pakistan Railway is the nation’s sole and old countrywide mass transportation system that was constructed by the British government more than two hundred years ago. Unfortunately, Pakistani leaders could not maintain the existing setup of Pakistan railways, and the department and its services gradually downgraded over the past seven decades.

Once, a prosperous Pakistan Railway in the 1960s and 1970s became prey to the corruption of its leaders and Railway staff while a gigantic cargo fleet comprising thousands of wagons became useless after private transport and NLC grabbed the cargo market from the Railway due to the complicity of government officials. Multiple Ministers showcased old passenger trains with new colours and codes and several auctions of Railway assets are arranged but Railway could not become a lucrative department over the past three decades. Currently, Khawaja is chasing the footprints of Shaikh, who launched, buy a compartment, own a boggy, or share a train recipe whereas Khawaja entends this list to seats, toilets, and pathways.

In fact, Pakistani leaders walk on bureaucratic crutches, while government servants had always faced a lack of creativity and genius ideas. Their tasks are usually accomplished through nepotism and corruption while hard work is poisonous for their statesmanship. Therefore, such rash ideas are repeatedly being implemented by every new Minister and Railway is rapidly sinking under the heavy operational losses and malpractices of its high-ups. The Railway minister is requested to use some newest and productive ideas instead of flashy and fruitless measures so a real change can be brought in this magnificent department.