Oppressed nations and UK’s standards

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The UK has published its First Annual Sanctions Report for the year 2021 and imposed sanctions against 160 individuals and entities for their alleged involvement in corruption and human rights abuses from a number of countries, including Myanmar, China, Belarus, Pakistan and Venezuela. According to details, 108 individuals and 10 entities had been designated under the Belarus sanctions regime, while 24 individuals and 9 entities were labeled under the Myanmar sanctions laws. Further 5 individuals and 3 entities had been held accountable from China, Myanmar and Pakistan under the Global Human Rights sanctions regime, whereas 27 individuals were penalized across the world for their involvement in corruption.

Great Britain is a long standing supporter of human rights, democracy and freedom of expression across the globe. Besides upholding the UN human rights regime, the UK government had created its own mechanisms to promote civic rights and enhance anti-corruption campaigns across the world. The UK has launched the Global Human Rights sanctions regime in 2020 and the Global Anti-Corruption sanctions regime during 2021. According to experts, the UK has become more agile and independent after leaving the EU and freely deciding how and where to use sanctions according to its national interest.

The present day human rights and anti-corruption campaign of Great Britain is purely driven by the UK’s foreign policy and political objectives coupled with global doctrine of its partners including the United States and the EU instead of promotion of human rights protocols envisioned by the global community under Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In fact, the prejudice of British authority was obvious from the fact that they mentioned human rights abuses across the world but remained unable to report gross violations of human and minority rights in India and in Occupied Kashmir. Similarly, UK’s attorneys’ failed to mention Israeli war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza during the year due to vested British interest in the country. Therefore, Johnson and aides are suggested to alienate their political objectives from global human rights if they really wanted to protect the oppressed communities around the globe.

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