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Out of the game. US announced a diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics

Written by The Frontier Post

Mikhail Sheinkman
Washington said they don’t oblige anyone. But pluses and dashes in front of the names of countries will most likely be put. Therefore, London is already at a low start. Canberra is like all Anglo-Saxons. Tokyo – in thought, but rather yes than no.
This demarche was so predictable that China had long known how it would be answered. Actually, that’s why they did not send an official invitation to Washington, in order to reserve the right to just such an answer. “Your boycott is a political manipulation. We didn’t even invite you.” Of course they will. Moreover, the decision of the White House does not apply to athletes. Although, probably unpleasant. And it does not hurt that American officials will not be at the Winter Games in Beijing. And the fact that even by their absence, they are trying to get into their own business.
It is clear that the refusal to send a state delegation to the Olympics is not about sports, and not about the very human rights that the United States uses to cover up its unsportsmanlike behavior. This is the discrediting of the second economy of the world, adjusted to the brightest moment of the planetary scale. After all, the Olympic Games for the host country is always an exhibition of the achievements of the national economy, a product by the face. In a word, a showcase. And they spit at her. They say, all this is a facade, you, they say, look at what is going on inside them.
“We will 100 percent support the US team from home, but we will not contribute to the fanfare around these Games,” Jen Psaki blurted out in pursuit of the beauty of the syllable. “Fanfare” is clearly her press secretary’s find. And with obvious claims to a succession of followers. The EU, Canada, Great Britain – they also imposed sanctions against China at one time because of, as they present it, the “oppression and genocide” of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. Therefore, as decent satellites, they are now obliged to pick up the wave of refusals.
In Washington, however, they said that no one is forced and everyone is free to decide what to do. But pluses and dashes in front of countries will most likely be put. Therefore, London is already at a low start. Canberra is like all Anglo-Saxons. Tokyo – in thought, but rather yes than no. Let China and a neighbor, but the new prime minister Fumio Kishida really wants to introduce himself to Joe Biden from the best side. And what could be better than loyalty. The only thing is that they will choose a different pretext for it, so as not to quarrel with Beijing at all. They will say, for example, that they are refraining from traveling because of the pandemic.
Moreover, there is such an example. New Zealand did just that. And, as it turned out, even earlier than the United States itself. But only after learning that she was no longer alone, she admitted this. Well done – hurry up. And it doesn’t matter that they have nothing to do at the winter games. However, why be surprised if they also brought the first transgender person to the Olympics. With the same result – but everyone paid attention. By the way, since there are no representatives of the White House in Beijing, then maybe the Olympic motto should be restored to its primeval state. Well, because what is “together” if what is “faster, higher, stronger” for some, is empty space for others.

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